Top Tips for hiring a wedding band in Scotland ?

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Published: 30th March 2011
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Planning a wedding in Scotland is an extra bonus for couples preparing a wedding. Scotland is endowed with an especially vibrant and diverse cultural background, of which music plays a large role. Scotland has got its own especially exceptional musical legacy, and you will probably prefer to at the very least take that into consideration when planning your wedding entertainment. This is particularly valuable if you prefer to adopt a conventional theme for your wedding reception, or for those who have numerous more mature guests present.

Weíve put together a list of things you should take into consideration before arranging a wedding band in Scotland.

1. Agencies - Go to a reliable agent. Even though it may appear notable, be very wary of Nationwide British agencies that have an limitless catalog of bands and artists on their books mainly because they won't be able to possibly check and keep track of all of these bands and the level of quality of what they are supplying. It is far better to pick an agent that is based regionally as they are more likely to have to very best range of Wedding Bands Scotland can provide. Choosing very hard to schedule for clients to see professional function bands in advance as they often play at private parties, so usually you are depending on the reliability and integrity within the agent. In most cases the agent will have vetted all the wedding bands on the books, and their bands and artists should be 100% reputable. Sometimes agencies will have frequent Wedding Bands Showcases giving young couples the ideal chance to watch a variety of wedding bands performing at the same event. This is certainly highly advisable as it gives you the opportunity to opt for the band that you feel will catch the attention of most of your friends and family members! You will be needing to pick the style associated with wedding band you might prefer to play and style of songs you feel will suit you in addition to your friends. You should select a wedding band that is capable of entertaining a extensive age range, as a wedding party is typically really the only event that would have such a huge selection of the sexes. In the event that you can't get to enjoy to the wedding band that appeals to you playing live, make sure you ask for a demo CD of their music. They will likely be able to produce these without any difficulty together with testimonials from prior wedding receptions and events.

2. The Itinerary - It does not matter how well you arrange your evening, the wedding may possibly overrun, speeches and toasts may go on a bit longer than intended, the meal may take half an hour longer than you imagine. Allow a bit of room for manoeuvre and be versatile. Allow sufficient time for the band to arrange especially if your dinner is in the very same area the band will be performing in. If the band is to build in the exact same space as the meal, ensure you have granted them a time to set up with no getting in the way of the family and friends. Nearly all bands will ordinarily require at least 45mins to set up and sound check.

3. Talk to the band! - Regardless of whether or not you arrange through an company, get in touch with the band directly through e mail or telephone. It can be soothing to speak to the band in person well in progress of your wedding day, to go over the bands needs and the selection of first dance. Most experienced bands are completely happy to learn a song of your choosing to your first dance as long as it can be adapted to the bandz line-up, however donít leave this right up until the last second! Pro bands are really busy over the summer months so the far more notice you can grant them the far better, and definitely no less than a few weeks.

4. Do the band provide recorded music? - Most bands ought to be able to supply this, though itís really worth asking just in the case. This will typically mean an apple ipod or similar device being played in between the bandsí sets sign in forums almost certainly go over the variety of tunes and styles in advance.

5. Equipment - Make sure that the bandís gear is of a top quality and PAT subjected to testing, because quite a few venues will ask to see your bandís PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) certification to prove that their gear has been examined and declared safe and sound. Ask the band with regards to stage lighting - this can make a significant difference to the atmosphere of any event. Your friends and family members are much more likely to prefer to boogie underneath some suitable disco lighting as opposed to the full glare within the venueís main lights or near total darkness.

6. Has food been arranged for the piece? - It is most likely that your band may be at your wedding venue for 6 hours or even more and they will have been loading and unloading prior to that. They will certainly most likely want to be fed at some time and it is normal practice for the client to provide food or snacks or permit them access the evening buffet.

7. Your Venue - Most wedding venues in Scotland are able to cater for a live music group but itís worthwhile checking they have sufficient power sources readily available for the band to utilize. Generally a full live band will require more than a sole 13amp socket! Yet another aspect to consider when choosing a wedding venue is checking out whether or not they currently have a noise limiter in place. These are electronic digital devices that some venues have fitted that convey to the band (generally by way of a traffic light system) when they are actively playing louder than the venue can allow. A few wedding bands will adhere entirely to this and turn their equipment down to a level that is within the restriction set or more the meter will activate a momentary power cut to that bandís equipment. Even so some other bands that feature a full line-up with drummer in addition to bass player will have difficulties playing at a reduced volume level and might decline to play at this type of wedding venue. A power-cut can certainly cause long lasting damage to their expensive equipment!! In cases where your wedding venue possesses a Noise limiter in place itís vital to let the band know before you book them for your wedding and reception.

8. A good number of venues have a designated space for bands to setup in. Itís best to verify with them that this space will be available when the band arrives. In cases where your venue is not used to having wedding bands consistently, be certain that a suitable area is going to get left clear for the moment the band turn up. After setting up your equipment, the band will need someplace to get changed and then to keep their belongings. Many venues, especially hotels, may have a spare room or conference room in your home that they will likely be pleased to permit the band use.

Finally - Getting married is one extremely significant events in any one person's life, along with being simply natural to choose to enjoy it in the most luxurious way possible. Even if your big event is a bit of a way off, you have probably given some thought to the evening reception and entertainment. The entertainment is of course an essential component of any evening reception, and choosing the most appropriate one will greatly contribute to the success of your wedding and reception. We hope this has been helpful in your hunt for a wedding band in Scotland.

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